Technical overview -
IngesonWater hybrid system

The CPU technology combines several different physical principles to produce clean water. The advantages of the system lie in working with a hybrid of techniques in a innovative and effective way. MDD 2K Titan can desalinate up to approximately 2000 liters of water and even more per day depending on configuration and what degree of purification needed. If only bacterial purification is needed, significantly lager volumes of clean water can be produced.

Technical advantages

Reliable water quality.
Efficient to chemical treatment of water.
Less sensitive to inlet water quality.
No need for membranes
No need for chemicals
No need for filters
Can use renewable energysources.
Serial- or parallel connectivity.                   Scalable                                                                                  Long lifespan

Environmental benefits

Minimal wastewater in the process.

Saves our groundwater sources from drainage .

Conserves our finite resources and gives them the opportunity to recover.

No chemical used in cleaning process

Protection of fresh water sources

Reduced use of non-renewable resources

sustainable advantages

Long durability - Titan material used

Reconfigurable regarding the concept Water-in-a-box