IngesonWater - Sustainable Watersolutions

Why do we exist?

800 children per day, 35 children per hour, one child every minute dies due to lack of clean water and poor sanitation. Empty reservoirs, dry rivers, thirsty cities - and our water reserves are running out.

IngesonWater exists because we want to change that development and ultimately save lives.

How do we work?

Through our many innovations, we meet the needs of several of the global goals in Agenda 2030, based on a value-based approach.

We operate in the areas of crisis and disaster, societal development, energy efficiency and safe transport.

What is our goal?

Millennium Technology of
Sweden´s main goal is to provide the countries that are currently suffering from the lack of water with scalable, reliable equipment that allows countries to build self-sufficient water structures, thus improving public health, reducing poverty, creating cultivable areas such as today is desert. This will also be an effective democratization tool.

Team IngesonWater

Rolf Ingeson

Owner & Inventor

“Clean, germ-free water is perhaps the most important component of a prosperous planet. It affects pretty much everything, the health of children and adults, economic development, the development of democracy and gender equality and much more that pertains to daily life. The Millennium Desalination Device is an important invention, which will change the conditions for the better, where it will be installed. ”

Rolf-Johan Ingeson


"I see a bright future for IngesonWater to influence the world's water situation by offering clean water in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way. Our mission and the core values ​​that we stand for are important for me to take further into the collaborations that we will enter in the future.
We have a unique product that will change the world and I want to contribute in the best way I can to make it a reality. Hope you also want to be a part of the change"

Björn Persson

Production consultant

"Nothing and no one can survive contaminated water. Therefore, I am proud to be a part of the team to help IngesonWater develop this unique innovation to clean and desalinate water for a brighter future."

Carl-Gustaf Jernsjö

Technical consultant

Each year about 1 million people dies from diseases related to unclean water. Of these more than a third are children. Ingeson Water has a unique approach to help solve this problem. It is very exciting to be a part of this team