Pilotprojects 2022-2024

IngesonWater will start pilotprojects around the world during the next upcoming years to further test, validate and develop the innovation MDD 2K Titan to it´s perfection. This will be a very important step before entering seriel production. It will also be a period of examin our valubased business model togheter with customers and partners. Exciting times ahead!

Key to success
The key words for these pilot projects are development together  with customer/partners. The goal is, together with the customer / partners, to continue to validate and test the product in a relevant environment while at the same time the customer can benefit from the innovation's properties to get clean water in an environmentally friendly and sustainable way.

Together with relevant partners, IngesonWater now offers an opportunity to participate in and influence developments in specific markets and in this way also contribute to a sustainable way of purifying water that does not deplete our resources on earth.

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What are we looking for?

Our company mission is to help people suffering from lack of clean water. Today, about 5,000 children per day die because of that. We want to be a solution to this problem and make a change.

The next three years will be very interesting and important years for IngesonWater where the company's development is in the focus. We are in the starting pits of planning a pre-series of our innovation that will be out in various pilot projects to be validated, tested and further developed together with customers in an adequate market. This requires a dedicated team of competent colleagues and partners. That's why we are now looking for "partners in progress" who want to join and build Team IngesonWater .

Key factors among the partners who want to hook up with us for this to be sucessful
  • Dedicated people who share our mission and the values that the company stands for and wants to convey.
  • International presence. Experience and knowledge about taking products out on the international market.
  • Strong capital to develop the product and organization to meet the needs that arise in an adequate market.
  • Long-term partnership.

What´s in it for me as partner and- or customer?

  • Customers and partners are involved in the development of a unique innovation that will change the way we purify water in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way.
  • May take part of the results that surrounds the project in the form of both clean water but also data from the tests that are carried out.
  • Customer pays only a monthly leasingfee which cost depends on the amount of output of clean water needed during the contracted time.
  • Customer do not pay for the time the product may be in need of service or futher development.
  • Provides incentives for a continued partnership after the project period with an advantageous financial arrangement.
Next step?
If you think you are the right partner for us and find this as an interesting opportunity to be part of, we would like you to contact us via the form below and make a short presentation of your company and why you think a collaboration would be successful for us both. 

Team IngesonWater

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