Watertobillions - Aid organization


Watertobillions will be a long-term and credible partner to companies and individuals who support the development of the products developed from the Swedish patent 524629. In the campaign participating companies will be kept informed of upcoming issues in Millennium Technology of Sweden AB, on terms assigned to each issue . Watertobillions must, in their own direction and together with other humanitarian organizations, contribute to disaster areas in water supply as soon as possible to take part in the technological development that the innovation Millennium Desalination Device and other equipment entails.

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The future is bright!

Maybe not everyone agrees with the headline, when we look at the world today, but if I look a few years ahead  I must say that the future looks bright for our project and for the places where we could change the conditions that today seems impossible.

During 2021 , we expect that the first sustainable watersolutions will be able to start making benefits together with companies having partnership with us.
Many companies choose to invest in something charitable. All attempts aimed at improving the world is important . We hope that many companies this year will find that the need for water is an important purpose.

Please support the development of our products and our project Water-in-a-box. Each container in the project is expected to produce about 700 000 liters a year. It means a tremendous improvement for many people today may not get a glass of water per day. The estimated cost of a container is budgeted at around 1 000 000 SEK. plus installation costs , which vary depending on where it will be placed.

Please support us in this little bit different way . Planting trees is one way , now there is the opportunity to contribute with water. Expect 1 per liter , and determine how many gallons you want to join and support . ( Perhaps a full container ?)
We hope that many companies this year wants to be involved and be able to say that you have been through and done brighter future !

Thanks for your participation !
Rolf Ingeson
Inventor and CEO